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If your kitty suffers from cat urinary tract infections, you’re probably tired of all the expensive vet visits.  Are there any home remedies for cats that are safe to use?

How’s Your Cat’s Diet

Most people don’t think about diet as a home remedy, but this is probably the key to supporting urinary health in cats.  Feeding your cat dry food is quick and easy, and of course, Kitty loves it!  But did you know that feeding dry food is not so good for your cat’s urinary health?

Why is this?  It all comes down to moisture levels.  Cats started out as desert animals.  They don’t drink a lot of water because they’re meant to get most of their water supply from the animals they eat.  Did you know that a mouse is around 98% water?  Cats that eat mice don’t need to drink a lot of water.

Contrast this to dry cat food, with a moisture level of around 10%.  Some cats will drink more water, but a lot of them won’t.  This leads to a chronically dehydrated cat.  Toxins aren’t being flushed out of your kitty’s body efficiently, and her urine will be very concentrated.  Concentrated urine can lead to cat urinary tract infections, cat bladder stones and urinary blockages.

Not to mention that years of dehydration can also lead to kidney failure.  Do you know that the leading cause of death in older felines is kidney failure?

Canned food is about 75% water.  Switching your kitty over to canned food may be all it takes to end his problems with feline urinary infection.

And remember, even if your cat doesn’t appear to drink much water, he should always have access to clean, fresh water.

Exercise Is Important

Regular exercise is essential to keep your feline friend in top condition.  Set aside at least ten minutes a couple of times a day to spend time playing with your cat.  Most cats love fishing-pole toys.  She’ll leap high into the air, trying to catch the toy on the end.  You want to get her breathing hard.  Not only will she sleep better, but she’ll be strong enough to resist infections better.

Keep Stress Levels Low

Cats that are stressed have three times the chances of getting sick than unstressed cats.  Try to keep a consistent routine with your kitty.  New babies, new pets, new places, and new people are usually the biggest stressors for cats.  But just keeping cats indoors is stressful for them too.  Be sure to provide lots of toys for your pet, and interact with her often, to prevent boredom.

Boost Your Cat’s Immune System

Some cats seem prone to infection.  In this case, you may want to try boosting your cat’s immune system .  There are many natural remedies for cats available that can help.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies for cats are often helpful in treating feline urinary infection.  Cantharis relieves pain, along with encouraging good urine flow.  It also soothes bladder inflammation.  Staphysagris is another remedy that’s useful for maintaining good urinary health.

Keeping your kitty healthy involves more than just taking her to the vet if she gets sick.  There are many things you can do every day at home that will keep her happy and healthy for many years.

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